"Autumn is dry, it is easy to cough, everyone likes to drink some autumn pear cream. I changed it today, turning the cream into a lollipop that can be eaten. The two use snow pembar, so this Sydney Lollipop is also like the autumn pear lollipop. The formula is very simple, with snow pear, rock sugar, maltose can be. When it is a small snack in the mouth, it is also very useful. After eating, drink a few mouthfuls, the effect Autumn pear cream is as good. "


Main material Snowflake 550 grams, 250 grams of coil sugar, 80 grams of maltose, a little cool water, cooked corn starch, sweet taste, baking process, three times time, simple difficulty,

Snow pear lollipop practice steps

1 Snow pear uses salt to wash the outer skin, rinse clean; rock sugar and maltose ready;

2 Snowflakes to core, cut small pieces;

3 Take the cooking machine to make a pear juice; if the pear is not so bad, you can add a little water; due to oxidation, the pear juice will become a light brown;

4 put a piece of gauze in a small pot and poured into the pear paste;

5 Gently spend the pear juice, the remaining pear scum is not; remove the pear scum and pear nucleus, the pure pear juice is about 500 grams;

6 TWO big spoon of malonic sugar; plus maltose can improve the quality of syrup, prevent the syrup anti-sand, make the finished product clearer, better texture, can reduce the sweetness of sugar, make the taste of sugar more soft;

7 Pour the rock sugar;

8 fire heating, keep the pear juice boil; preferably in the choice of the cooker, it is preferable to use the induction cooker or electric ceramics, and the fire-specific regulation is accurate;

9 With high temperature scrapes, it is agitated from time to time. The more, with the decrease in water, the bubble is getting rich, and the firepower is appropriately reduced.

10 Prepare a small bowl of cold water, use chopsticks to add sugar to cool water, you can get rid of the fire immediately and can pull out the slender sugar filaments; quietly tell you, Ice Tomatoes On Sticks syrup should also be here;

11 The bubble in the syrup is very much, stirred with a doctor blade, stand for 2 minutes, pour it into the lollipop mold; the action is fast, and the last remaining a little syrup is not easy to flow out of the pot, and it can continue to heat it. Quickly pour into the mold;

12 is placed at room temperature, and it can be released after approximately HALF hours; put the sugar and let the cool corn starch roll, brush it off with a brush to prevent the anti-stick effect;

13 Sydney Lollipops, sweet and delicious, nutritious!


1. Maltose can't be small, can be floated up and down; 2. Syrup pour into the silicone mold, no need to cover the cover, naturally drying cool, it can be demolded at room temperature; 3. The bag is sealed in the dry place for several months.