"Tiangu is beautiful, the weather is sunny, and there is a good puree, giving my old Buddha."


The main amount of Hawthorn, a quarter of the rock candy hawthorn, a quarter of the white sugar hawthorn, the amount of pure water of the accessories,


No or lemon, sour taste, other processes, time consuming, simple difficulty,

Fruit step

1 hawthorn.

2 Go to the Top.

3 Wash, open, go to the nucleus, add purity in vegetables and vegetables.

4 hit the juice.

5 Add white sugar and rock sugar in the pan.

6 is cooked while stirring.

7 Do not stop stirring, can't stop.

8 Direct to the fruit sauce can be hung on the shovel.

9 Oil Paper Tape on the desktop, wipe the fruit sauce, try to wipe again and even even, put the sun to dry.

10 No need to dry, can be rolled up.

11 cut.

12 packs.

13 is all good, lazy score small pieces, you can all stroke.

14 finished products.


It is said that when the weather is not good, you can put the oven to dry the oven.