"In the early winter, the snow has been delivered. When you don't do stewed, you will give yourself a hot drink. In short, let yourself warm."


Significant silver ear is appropriate, lotus seed 2, excipient yogurt, pure water 1200g,


2 ripening head, original taste, other processes, HALF hours, simple difficulty,

Practical steps for tall lotus seeds

1 lotus seed bubble, handled clean.

2 lotus seeds should not throw, standby.

3 bite head peeled.

4 silver-ear bubbles are clean and torn into small pieces.

5 Take the Soybean Milk Cup, first place lotus seeds and taro, and then put the silver ear.

6 pure water.

7 Based on the wall.

8 Select fast Soybean Milk.

9 made a good silver.

10 poured out.

11 Some yogurt cereals.

12 finished products.


You can make rock sugar.I am afraid, drink the original.