Significantly clear cream 400g, pure milk 120g, egg yolk, 50g of cranberry, 85g, cocoa powder 20g, tube powder 20g, sweet taste, boiled process, hour time consumption, ordinary difficulty,

Practice for homemade ice cream

1 Prepare the ingredients.

2 sugar powder and egg yolk were stirred to no particles, and the egg liquid was yellowish.

3 Pure milk is placed on the electric ceramic stove, slowly boil, just hit the fire. The boiled milk, slightly dried slightly, mixed with divergent egg yolk, pay attention to the constant stirring, so as not to overheated milk into the egg yolk into the egg flower ~ to slowly stir!

4 Use the cooking rod to 90%, probably there is a clear line, and the cooking rod has the best hook.

5 Cooked liquid to cool down into the playful whipped cream, mix slightly.

6 Stir well put in chopped cranberry dry.

7 Based on your own taste, let's take a sieve powder, can be powdered, remember must be sieved, you will not judge!

8 With the container with the cover, the ice cream liquid, if there is no cover, a layer of plastic wrap, to prevent the smell! Frozen for 4 hours or more!


1, boiled liquid, must be small fire, stir, it is easy to make it easy! 2, tea powder, cocoa powder must be sieved, otherwise it will be bumps.