"The breader bought by the front, I just tried it. I didn't use it. When I got home, I took a sleeve. After the Mid-Autumn Festival bought, I bought it, I got a sesame sauce to put refrigerator. After a few days, this is not, be a black sesame taste, definitely delicious! Black sesame is good for the body, make ice cream, add fruit, ice and cool, the child loves, it is also its good Going. Ice cream is really simple, but I want to do the export, I have to look at Fangzi, I have to share this black sesame ice cream, which is very delicate, absolutely free, you can try it. Try ~ "


Ingredients 2, 250 grams of milk, 150 grams of light cream, 55 grams of fine sugar, accessories Sauce85 grams, Mango, Xi Pomelo HALF, Crisp, Olympics, Sweet Taste, Other Process Half hours, ordinary difficulty,

Sesame ice cream Buffy Cup practice steps

1 Prepare the material, Sesame Sauce is my own, if you can buy it, it is recommended to see a human taste to adjust the sugar. But it is best to pick a high thickness, so that there is no ice saumage that can be made.

2 Eggs separated from egg yolk, add fine sugar, and whitening with eggbeater.

3 pure milk and light cream pour into the milk pot to cook it to 80 degrees, immediately turn off the fire, do not worry about the temperature, as long as you are boiled, it will be, just as delicious ~

4 Pour in a Half milk into the egg yellow paste, stir well, the hands and feet can be spurled, otherwise the egg liquid under the bottom will be cooked, then the taste is not good.

5 Reverse the remaining milk mixed in the remaining milk.

6 small and medium heat, continue to stir, until the egg milk paste is thick, can not disappear on the scraper, this process time, about HALF minutes, don't worry.

7 Pour into the big bowl, pour the sesame sauce into the stir uniform cool, then put it in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours, this step is to defoam and cool down.

8 Prepare ice cream bucket, ice cream bucket needs to be refrigerated overnight in advance, pour it into the ice cream liquid, put it into the bread machine, select the 13mix key of the menu (I use PE8890, other bread machines, please adjust according to the actual situation)

9 cover the cover of the ice cream bucket, start, about 20 minutes, ice cream paste has been thick into the group, then the soft ice cream is ready to eat directly, put it in the refrigerator and then cold for 2 hours, you can remove the ball.

10 Prepare fruits and cereals, according to your own preferences, you can eat the ice cream ball.

11 black sesame taste is particularly fragrant, I can't help but eat the second mouth, and the child said that the color is unwilling to eat, the tongue has grabbed the whole cup, and also ate a variety of light. The eyeliner looks at my cup.