"It's delicious, it's cool and addictive."


120 grams of yogurt, 30 grams of sugar powder, 40 grams of fresh cream, accessories can be a small HALF spoon, milk flavor, frozen process, hourly time, simple difficulty,

Practice steps for bear claw ice cream

1 Prepare 120 grams of thick yogurt.(Can be available in Auxi or pure)

2 take 120 grams of yogurt, stirred into 30 grams of sugar powder and 40 grams of fresh milk oil to stir evenly.

3 Except for the TWO spoon, add a small Half spoon, can be pulverized.

4 Ready to wash the clean ice cream mold, first in the claw part on the mold, pour the can be pulver, put it into the refrigerator to freeze.

5 Remove the frost-hard molds, and then fill the original ice cream slurry, slightly, cover the mold cover, and put it in the refrigerator for more than 7 hours.

6 Remove the freezing ice cream, you can easily release the mold.

7 finished products.Meng Meng's paw.