"This ice cream is super simple, the finished product is soft and slippery, the taste is not bad!"


Ingredients milk 200ml, marshmallow 150g, 1 accessories, other tastes, frozen crafts, time consuming, simple difficulty,

Pattern of cotton candy banana ice cream

1 Prepare marshmallows and milk, milk's words can be used with pure milk or with sweetness.

2 bananas.

3 Pour the milk into the pot to open a small fire.

4 Put the cotton candy to boil together, if your marshmallow is sweet, don't put sugar, or it will be very sweet.

5 Stitten clockwise to the melting of cotton sugar.

6 Banana peeling pressure into the mud, it is best to break with broken walls.

7 poured the milk and put the banana mud into the stirring.

8 poured in the box to cover the cover for 5 hours.

The 9 taste sound is so smooth, there is so sand, sweet and delicious.

The 10 taste is very slippery, there is no so sand, sweet and delicious.

11 can also freeze the mold into a popsicle.