"I originally wanted to make coconut gray ice cream, but there was no coconut in the family, so I used coconut sugar to replace, and I added black sesame sauce, taste and nutrition."


Ingredients milk 165g, whipped cream 165g, coconut candy 49g (7 pieces), egg yolk 2, fine sugar 20g, accessories black sesame sauce15g, sweet taste, frozen process, hours time consumption, ordinary difficulty,

Coconut black sesame ice cream practice steps

1 milk is poured into a large bowl, add coconut sugar, heat, melted coconut sugar. You can break the coconut sugar and melt faster.

2 egg yolk was added to 20 grams of sugar, stir until the color became shallow.

3 Add black sesame sauce to stir well.

4 Pour the milk coconut sugar into black sesame egg yolk, stir even.

5 Heat the stirred ice cream will be heated.

6 Heating to thick.

7 Cool the ice cream liquid.

8 light cream oil seizes ice water to the state of the flowers, as shown in the figure.

9 Pour the ice cream into a good cream, stir evenly with an electric egg.

10 Pour into the container, refrigerate the refrigerator to hard. Take out the room temperature for 15 minutes before eating, and stir without stirring.


Before the ice cream is taken out before, it can be easily dug in the room temperature for about 15 minutes.