"Homemade Ice Cream is actually very simple, the method is right, it can do an export sensation smooth ice cream. During this time, various fruits have been listed, the dragon fruit and mango in the Friends of Friends have begun to pick, give me home I sent a few boxes, I didn't add addiction. I just squeeze juice. I was tired of egg yolk. I used my ice cream. I wanted to steal a lazy, I used ice cream powder. I didn't expect to practice so simple, less than ten minutes can be frozen. In order to make the fruit aroma and milk flavor can be more rich, I add some siled cream to the inside, eat a soft taste, milk is rich, even if I don't love ice cream My mother-in-law said that I did it. "


Main material mango, 1 dragon fruit, 120 grams of whipped cream, 100 grams of mamido ice cream powder, 100 grams of vanilla ice cream powder, sweet taste, squeezing process, TWO minutes, ordinary difficulty,

Practice steps of dragon fruit vanilla ice cream

1 Prepare the ingredients, the fire dragon fruit is a red heart, sweeter color is better, mango uses a large farmer, come out to get a more sweet.

2 First take the dragon fruit and mango's fruit meat, the juice we need to use is 140 grams, how many juices can you see how much the flesh is.

3 First put the mangafi into the juice machine and extract the juice. The mango's steps are very rich, the taste is also very fragrant, the ice cream can join the squeezed mango slag, and it is also very good!

4 Fire Dragon Puts are also placed in the juice machine, and there will be seeds in the dragon fruit, and the original machine is filtered and the direct use of the cooking machine, and the taste is better, the child prefer.

The 5 squeezed juice is installed in the Two bowl, take out 140 grams, it is enough, excessive drinking.

6 Pour the light cream into the bowl, then pour it into the ice cream powder, pump it with a hand to dry powder, stand for 15 minutes.

7 Stir in the eggbeater for 4 minutes until the flowable texture appears.

8 Prepare the ice cream cup, pour the ice cream into the cup, cover the cover and put it in the refrigerator for 4 hours. I like to dig the ball directly into the long bowl, and I can dig it with ice cream.

9 finished product.