Ingredients milk 160g, 2 egg yolk, 50g of sugar, excipient cream 200g, original taste, unknown difficulty,

Original ice cream practice steps

12 egg yolk and 50 g sugar (fine sugar or cotton sugar), mixed together. 160g milk poured into milk pot. Sugar can be added to the egg yolk and milk, how much it doesn't matter. The egg whitening is used. It's ok to use it.

2 milk is hot. If you add a sugar, you will treat the sugar. Turn off, standby.

3 egg yolk and sugar, eggbeat.

4 The color is dim, the volume is large, that is, it can be.

5 Take a slightly cool milk, divided, slow, be slow, injecting the egg yolk. Stir while stirring. It is best to stir it with hand, don't use electric eggs. Eggbeal is easy to foam. I don't shoot it, I can't take a photo.

6 After stirring, turn back the milk pot, heat it. Stir while boiling. Until, you can't drop it immediately.

7200g whipped cream, happened.

8 egg yolk filtrate and poured into the whipped cream.

9 Sealed freezing for 1 hour, take it out. Such 3-4 times.

10 Put into the mold or container. Into the refrigerator for one day.

11 Soldn.