Signified Xiao Jinhuangmang 2, Glutinous Rice Powder 30g, Water 350g, 1 box of Anmui Yorklower, 30-50 grams of Accessories, Sweet Taste, Frozen Process, Time Work, Simple Difficulty,

Mango Popsture Practice Steps

1Glutinous Rice powder plus water is stirred to dry powder, and the medium and small fire should not be stirred, and slowly to the transparent bubble.

2 capping, add white sugar to stir until completely dissolve, let it cool.

3 Mango peeled small pieces and put it in a silicone ice thief mold.

4 Pour a box of yogurt into the Glutinous RICE paste, stir evenly.

5 Stir well, install it into the silicone mold, cover the cover, and put it in the refrigerator to freeze overnight.

6 silicone molds are very demolding, cute styling, it is easy to attract your child's eyes.

7 It also wants to eat, what about you?Do you want to come?

8 This love Mango popsicle is given to you?


1, when the Glutinous Rice powder, the small fire will be slow, and the water will be worried, and there will be no ice slag.2, after doing good, it is best to shock on the desktop, shocking the bubble, and makes the ice thord more beautiful.