Mainly light cream 250ml, white sugar 15g, excipient crash 10g, 1 oched milk,


Mango Half., Milk flavor, frozen process, hourly time consumption, simple difficulty,

Practices for homemade cream ice cream

1 light cream 1 box, I used the Nestle 250ml, add 15g white sugar to the basin.I was just forgetting.I have a lot of bubbles.

2 You can use this extent, I have used it for 6 minutes.

3 Add a refinery to increase the fragrance, or increase the sweetness.

4 plus 1 box yogurt.

5 I added some mangles, and I forgot to take pictures.Half Mango, Type Mang.Stir is evenly loaded into the mold.

6 After finishing, put it in the refrigerator for more than 4 hours.

7 I can eat it.Milk is full ~~

8 is demolded.