Significant light cream 350ml, sugar 20g, refinery 20g, yogurt 130g, accessories of chocolate 250g, coconut oil 60g, original taste, frozen process, hour time consumption, simple difficulty,

Practice steps for crispy ice cream

1 Prepare the ingredients first, less coconut oil, forget to put together, the steps below.

2 Put 20 grams of white sugar in the light cream, low speed, send it to the texture.

3 After playing the texture, add yogurt, crash, (personal taste, fruit sauce, early cranberry, or Olympic you like what to eat).

4 Uniformly stir.

5 Pack into the mold.

6 inserted snow paste stick, cover the cover, put it into the refrigerator, and freeze 4 or more hours.

7 Prepare chocolate, the best choosing chocolate to eat, usually some baking chocolates are cocoa butter.

8 Add to eat coconut oil, make the crispy skin.

9 Chocolate insulation water melts.

10, drain.

11 put on the oil paper, bag, letze the speed, want to eat, take it.

12 Packing.

13 is grabbed by a child.

14 This is a fresh flesh of mango, I also made it too early to mix the varye.