"Children's Day is here, do this ice cream to taste the big and small friends. I was doing with my children yesterday. I was a break date yesterday. I have a bit more, full of four molds, there is still the direct place In the fresh bowl, plus a lot of honey beans, when you eat, you can dig out the spoon, simple and rude, big mouth "eat" ice cream, is the woman is not wrong. Special tips: I use a red bean, cooked Take 600 grams to make ice cream, if you use it directly to get it directly 600 grams, you need to reduce the rock sugar in the formula, otherwise sweet enough; second, want to eat milk taste, reduce the amount of milk, increase the amount of cream, Keep the total weight of the two can be unchanged. For example, 200 grams with whipped cream, then milk is 280 grams, the two are 480g. "


Significant red beans 300g, cooked honey beans, adjuvant milk 400g, light cream 80g,


Rock sugar 150g, 1 spoon of corn starch, milk powder 20g (can not add), milk flavor, boiled process, hour time, advanced difficulty,

Red bean ice cream practice steps

1 red beans soaked overnight. This step can be used in red bean sand, save time, the red bean sand itself, or buying ready-made, the amount is 600 grams, remember to remember! : The red bean only needs 300 grams of boiled, ready to take 600 grams and other materials to do ice cream together, and the sugar in the formulation should be reduced, because the bean sand selling is already sugar, and sweet enough.

2 red beans are cooked.

3 Cook dry water with a non-stick pan, you can stir the fire, stir while stirring, so as not to be confusing. Soon, you can do this.

4 Prepare rock sugar, milk, light cream, starch, milk powder (not added), honey beans. In addition to the honey beans, other materials are called ready.

5 Then put the fried red beans, milk, whipped cream, starch, rock sugar, and put it into the broken cup, "Fruit and Vegetable" function runs a program, one point HALF clock. I feel that it is not delicate enough to turn a program, I like to eat bean sand, so I only run a program.

6 is thicker, you can also see red bean skin, original.

7 pour into the mold. First, pour a Half, sprinkle with honey beans (or not put), and then fill the mold. This is a honey bean, rich in hierarchy, very delicious.

8 covered.

9 This is a bear's mold.

10 All full, cover, fast freezing.

11 The remaining pour into the fresh bowl, you can sprinkle with honey beans, happiness and exploitation.

12 small lunch boxes can also be a mold.

13 The bean sand of the broken wall is not clean, and don't waste, add a bottle of milk and a little coconut milk.

14 The same "fruit vegetable" function is running a circle.

15 get Two Cup coconut milk red beans.

16 is finished, you are welcome.

17 Quick frozen 6+ hours, you can release the ice cream.

18 Cute styling, lovely little white rabbit.

19 Good friends sharing ✌