"Feasted cream is very good. It tastes quite good. It is often stressful. This time I did a creamy lemon milk ice cream, very good. Just, a lemon juice with a peak, lemon The taste is strong in ice cream, so I like this taste. "


Ingredients milk 190ml, white sugar 40g, 1 excipient lemon, milk flavor, other processes, hours time consumption, ordinary difficulty,

Practice for lemon milk ice cream

1 Take the lemon everything to two.

2 Containers put white sugar.

3 Pour the milk.

4 Lemon juice is squeezed into milk into milk.

5 Put out of the removed lemon flesh and mix well, put it into the refrigerator refrigerator to cool to 5-10 degrees.

6 Remove the ice cream bucket from the refrigerator freezer, install it to the bread machine on the gearbox.

7 The gearbox with ice cream bucket is mounted on the base of the breader.

8 On the stirring shaft of the ice cream bowl, the power supply is turned on, select the "iMix" function on the bread machine, and the time is set to 30 minutes, start the function, stir the leaf to turn out the refrigerator refrigerated room for refrigerated raw materials, After mixing, slowly pour into the ice cream bucket, cover the top cover on the charter, and work. I heard the buzzer continuous beep, the machine automatically stops working.

9 Remove the ice cream into the bread machine, then remove the stirred leaves, you can enjoy delicious ice cream.

10 I have the ice cream into the yogurt cup, and enjoy the refrigerator freezer.


1. The ice cream bucket is to freeze and let it enter the working condition for more than 16 hours. 2, the ice cream made is soft. If you like hard ice cream, you can put ice cream into the refrigerator freezer for 15-25 minutes. I was put on the yogurt cup for about 5 hours.