Sub-yogurt homemade, accessories, honey beans, sugar, chocolate sauce, sour taste, frozen process, time consumption, ordinary difficulty,

Patterns of yogurt honey bean popsicles

1 shake rice molded mold.Homemade yogurt is added to sugar, waiting for solubilizing particles.

2 lame yogurt, a layer of honey beans, cover the cover, freezing overnight.

3 After the shape, you can take it out in the middle, and the chocolate sauce.

4 Soft silicone is extremely easy to release, wrapped with baked paper, it is possible..Self-made yogurt, so there is no bit of ice.I bought yogurt, some will have ice (Mosley, there is nothing :), it is recommended to add a little milk powder or black sesame paste powder, soy milk powder, red bean rice rice noodles, sucking extra water..Ok, look at the novel (• ͈ᴗ • ͈ૢૢ) ❊⿻ *.