"Summer is coming quietly, Tian too hot is still cold drink, this yogurt popsicle is a baby within one year of sugar, you can also eat, many mothers will worry, can so little children eat so ice food? In fact, the right amount is that there is no problem, the child is holding it, it is also a little bit, there will be a big gentle, the mouth is all, it is almost hot, and there will be no problem with it. Because I saw that many mothers heated them to eat fruits. I will feel very surprised when I see Ice Bar. In fact, how can we eat fruit children, will you eat fruit? Vitamins have destroyed the taste. Very light, you don't love yourself, do you want to eat this? "


The main material is no sugar-free yoghurt 200g, excipient fruit, sweet taste, freezing process, TWO minutes, ordinary difficulty,

Practice step of yogurt fruit

1 Prepare the fruit, this blueberry mud, I bought it with sugar, others can give the baby under one year old, and you can take the peeling.

2 The fruit is placed in my soy, and several fruits are divided into several bowls.

3 I am blueberry, you can also use blueberries or mango, raisins, etc.

4 Each kind of mixture is mixed with yogurt.

5 Prepare a popsicle mold to add yogurt fruit to insert the stick refrigerator.


1. It is easily deminded with hot water. This plastic is not easy to demold, and the silica gel will be more convenient. 2, fruit you like yourself can use the sugar-free yogurt, you can use sweet yoghurt over one year.