"If there is no ice cream machine, do ice cream, ice cream will be a problem, first boiled egg yolk is a technical life. If you accidentally, you will cook it into Egg & Vegetable soup; then you have to send light cream, you can't get it, you can't send it. I have to get too much; I will take out the refrigerator every few hours, I have a few alarm clock; I finally made a bitterness, I may have ice slag ... Today, I will introduce a yellow egg yellow, don't have to send light cream, don't stir The ice cream, the ice cream made yet, there is no ice. The secret is: marshmallow! "


Ingredients milk 250 ml, 130 grams of durian flesh, 60 grams of cotton candy, sweet taste, other processes, TWO minutes, simple difficulty,

Practices for durian pudding ice cream

1 Pavilion 130 grams, chopped.

2 plus 100 grams of milk to make a purement.

3 The rest of the milk is placed in a milk pot, put the cotton candy in, heat it, so that the cotton candy is dissolved, and the mixture should be stitched to prevent the paste.

4 cotton candy milk liquid cool down to not hot, add durian purement, stir well, and the ice cream is done.

5 Put into the ice cream mold, insert the ice cream stick, cover the cover, the refrigerator freeze overnight.

6 When you want to eat, take it out and release it, there is really no ice.


1, no durian is the original milk pudding ice cream, of course, can also be replaced with other pussy. 2, this ice cream formula is a marshmallow and milk, but if you add some whipped cream, it should be more delicious. 3, durian is very sweet, cotton candy is sweet, this is enough for me, if you want to be more sweet, you can add sugar when boil milk.