"Yogurt ice cream, the weather is getting hotter and hotter, you can make your own cousnet rice, yogurt, yogurt ice cream."


Ingredients AD calcium yogurt TWO bottle, excipient lemon juice is the amount,


White sugar TWO to three, four spoons, sweet flavor, other processes, one hour time consumption, ordinary difficulty,

AD calcium sour ice cream practice steps

1 Prepare ingredients TWO bottle AD calcium yogurt, lemon juice, sugar, ice cream mold.

2 Put into the bowl with four spokes of sugar (used in the amount of taste.)

3 bowls were poured into the TWO bottle AD calcium yoghurt.

4AD calcium juice is added to the lemon juice.

5 Open the gas tank switch and add the yogurt lemon mixed liquid.

6 Boiled yogurt lemon mixture into a bowl into the sorbet mold. Here is the mold of the six bear