"Before TWO, there is a baby private me, how to do it, the Orlio cream cup? So we will share it. This small dessert ingredient is very simple, but the tool is very important, like ice cream. The cream is its soul, but it is a skill in the cream. The family is generally better animal cream. Animal cream is required for the temperature and time of the hair. The cream is preferably refrigerated 24 hours. Regarding the machine of the cream, it can be an egg, I use the rice chewing multi-functional machine. For the function of sending cream, its biggest feature is fast speed, can quickly happen, avoid the long time to stay at room temperature for long time. Under the state, this is especially important in the summer, because the summer room will affect the state of cream in the summer, and believe that the small friends who have made cream cakes are deeply understood. The tool can make the food in the Half! "


INDUS 料 奥 干 干 200g, 350 grams of clear cream, 35 grams of sugar powder, 2 spoons of the accessories, the amount of mint leaves, sweet taste, other processes, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Practice steps of Oliols

1 Prepare the required materials in advance.

2 Pack the butterfly stick in the main pot (I use the Mibold Machinery).

3 Pour the whipped cream.

4 Pour in sugar powder.

5 Select to reverse 5 files, the time is 2 minutes and 30 seconds, press the start button.

6 According to the setting time, the machine will automatically stop. At this time, the cream has been sent.

7 Put the hair of the cream into the silk bag (I use the cookie flower mouth).

The 8th glass is bursting on the 1st floor.

9 crowded whipped whipped cream.

10 Repeat steps 8 and 9 until it is decorated with a small amount of Olio cookies and peanuts with a tower.

11 to a little mint leaves, look more fresh and cute.


1. The cookies in the formula are broken, you can use any of your favorite taste biscuits. If it is a sandwich cookie, the sandwich portion is best removed. 2, whipped cream must be fully refrigerated.