"Summer arrived, there is a good banana ice cream! The ripe banana makes ice cream, the faint yellow gives people very gentle feelings. Try the mouth, the thick milk and unique banana are completed, and then scattered Among them, the sweet cranberry is really better than buying! "


Significant oil cream 200 grams, 2 egg yolk, 1 banana, 50 grams of cranberry dried,


25 grams of fine sugar, salty taste, other processes, one hour, ordinary difficulty,

Banana cranberry ice cream practice steps

1 Materials photo: Oil, milk, egg yolk, fine sugar is ready; the chives are ripe.

2 fine sugar, egg yolk in an electric cooker.

3 Use the smallest firepower to melt the fine sand, until the mixing, so that the egg yolk is hot.

4 banana cut small pieces, press the spoon to press it into a paste.

5 Banana paste and egg yellow paste mix evenly.

6 egg yolk banana paste and light cream are in the ice cream mixed bucket.

7 Place the stirred barrel in the ice cream machine, cover the cover, select the "ice cream" function, use it 60 minutes; stir until about 15 minutes, pour the chopped cranberry from the feeding mouth.

8 full of large barrels of bananas cranberry dry ice cream, better than buying.

9 banana cranberry ice cream, delicate and smooth, sweet and not greasy ~


1. Although the banana has only one, but the weight of banana meat has 200 minutes, because the cooked banana is sweeter, so fine sugar can be reduced or according to the taste adjustment, the milk can be placed; 2, bananas can be replaced by other fruits; 3 , Cranberry dry, facilitates the distribution in ice cream, should not be put on too late to prevent unevenness after ice cream formation;