"A cockroach can easily get delicious ice cream. After the summer, the temperature is getting higher and higher, it has been wearing short-sleeved. If you are hot, you want to eat ice cream and other ice cream. Today, you can make a mango clear cream ice cream, no To send cream, use the easiest way to put mango cream and milk all into the broken wall, then pour into the mold species frozen. Although the practice is super simple, but you can rest assured, taste and taste still very Bat, the entrance will not have a ice, the formula is also very casual, you can also adjust according to your own preference, but the light cream is best not to go, otherwise there will be ice. "


The main material mangle meat 200g, light cream 100g, accessories pure milk 100g, fruity taste, frozen process, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Mango cream ice cream practice steps

1 Today is a big green man, and the flesh is sweet. I didn't even put it.

2 take a mangle.

3 Light cream and mango meat are put into the broken wall, and I am soaked with roses when I do a cake, and there is a rose.

4 Pour the pure milk.

5 Stuffed with juice function.

6 Pour into the mold in the refrigerator for one day.

7 can be enjoyed after freezing.


Mango is very sweet, I didn't put sugar, it is the original, and the individual is absolutely sweet. Like sweet, you can pick up with sugar.