"This is the favorite of my young master, and the nearest network red food."


The main strawberry 2 pounds, excipient white sugar 125g,


Lemon HALF, sweet taste, other processes, hours, simple difficulty,

Practice step of strawberry ice

1 strawberry.

2 letting salt.

3 Rinse repeatedly.

4 pick it to the close.

5 put white sugar.

6 mix well.

7 put it in order for 2 hours.

8 marinated strawberries crushed, come out, many soup, you can take some soup to make sugar water. Squeeze the lemon juice.

9 mix well, boiled.

10 Continuously stir.

11 Fruits are soft, take a soup and a Half fruit.

12 Half is a good fruit.

13 Net part of the glass container.

14 is cool, cover, and freeze directly.

15 take the mold, wash, put the ice cream.

16 Pour the large grain strawberry sauce.

17 cover.

18 Refrigerator is frozen overnight.

19 took out.

20 Turn on the cover.

21 Soldup.

22 finished products.

23 finished products.


4 pounds of strawberry made of strawberry ice and fruit sauce, although it is made, I still write a HALF everywhere.