"Because guava is a tropical fruit, growing in the south, all some of the northern partners don't know how to eat guava, then I will share a new meaning to everyone, called Fan Pomegranate milk, its fragrance is rich, the taste is also very rich, I am interested in watching it! "


Significant red heart guava, a large number of accessories

Points of pomegranate lactary milkshake

1 guava is my fruit from the snacks, it tastes sweet and juicy, nutritious.

2 red heart guava 1 big, 2 bottles of Yangtha, 2 teaspons, mint leaves, 4 teaspons of honey, ice or ice water 1 small cup.

3 First we have to clean the guava, then cut into small pieces into the broken wall.

4 is then added to 2 small spoonful egg white powder.

5 Then add 2 vials of the bottle (if there is no more raise, you can replace it with yogurt).

6 Add honey.

7 Add an appropriate amount of ice, then wash and clean mint leaves.

8 Then we can start the machine and stir shatter.

9 Finally, I can drink it in the cup.