"Red Herbales have low sugar, low calorie fruit, sweet, delicious, fruit is circular, the fruit is talking about cyan, skin thin, frozen, sweet, sweet and delicious."


Main material Paste 1, milk 200g, excipient sugar amount, sweet flavor, other processes, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Practice steps

1 Choose a soft-hearted red heartbean, clean the clean epidermis.

2 pairs of Half, remove the seeds inside (seeds to eat or throw away with you), dig out the flesh with a spoon, put it into the ACA whit.

Add the right amount of milk in 3 cups, and stir it at a low speed for about 10 20 seconds.I like sweetness can add some sugar, and the sweetness of Pattay is not big, and the individual feels not adding sugar just right.

4 The pulp is bull, and it is good to make yourself.

5 Pink milkshake exudes the alone, breakfast, a cup, inexplicable.