"Buy the pumpkin has been put for a long time, I haven't eaten it today. Today, I will intend to work into it, I can lose weight, can be used as a pumpkin milkshake in the afternoon."


INDUSTRY 贝 南 瓜 HALF, milk 240ml, 1/3 of the accessories, 1 orange, 1 walnut, several raisins, milk flavor, squeezing process, ten minutes, ordinary difficulty,

Pumpkin milkshake practice steps

1 All materials are ready, apples are cleaned clean.

2 Pumpkin washed dry to Half, take a Half to cut into the pumpkin seeds inside and cut off the surface of pumpkin leather discs.

3 pour into the right amount of water, cut the pumpkin to the pan, cover the lid, steam to the pot and rush to heat, close for 1-2 minutes.

4 Wash the apple to take 1/3 cut into a block in the disc.

5 orange peeled into pieces.

6 walnuts peeled into a walnut crowned.

7 Steamed pumpkins were taken out from the pot into the cooking machine, poured into 240ml pure milk, 摁 摁 下 糊, 打 细 细, 差 差 打.

8 Pour the cut fruit and walnut crushing.

9 Do you learn?


1: Judging whether the pumpkin is steaming and turned to open the pumpkin with chopsticks. 2: Fruits and nuts can be added at will be added as soon as you have. 3: Don't throw away the son of the son, you can use the electric baking pan to eat snacks. 4: Weight loss and office workers can be used to eat breakfast.