"Continue to eat peas, according to my amount, I have to eat a few times."


Significant peas 2, accessories eagle mouthpeas 1, pure water mode,


Sweets, sweet tastes, other processes, HALF hours, simple difficulty,

Sweet pea Soybean Milk practice steps

1 The oky mouth is soaked in an afternoon.

2 peas to remove the shell.

3 foaming chickpeas.

4 Put the beans into the Soybean Milk Cup, just hit the rice paste, so it can be placed directly.

5 Wash the autumn drum, peeled.

6 Sharp the block, put it directly to the beans, so you don't have to make a seasoning.

7 Pure water, the water level is slightly lower than the pear.

8 Based on the wall, choose the fast Soybean Milk.

9 hit Soybean Milk.

10 finished products.

11 finished products.


The little flower is my kind of Zikihua, so sweet.