"When you do Soybean Milk at home, don't be stupid, just let the soybeans, in fact, just mix other ingredients into the soybeans, every day, there is a different Soybean Milk, at least one month, no resume is completely no problem. I opened a pack of three-color buckwheat. I have specially liked to drink wheat Soybean Milk, three-color buckwheat is an internationally recognized healthy cereal, known as nutritious gold, the United Nations FAO recommended it The most suitable for humans, the Soybean Milk is suitable for inclusion, and the nutrition of Soybean Milk is increased. "


Significant yellow beans, 10 grams of three-color bucka, 1000 ml of excipient water, sweet taste, boiled process, HALF hours, simple difficulty,

Practice for Sany Milk, Soybean Milk

1 Prepare 40 grams of dry soybeans and 10 grams of three-color buckwheat, play Soybean Milk with broken walls, ingredients do not need to be soaked in advance, can be played directly, it is very convenient.

2 After cleaning, add the broken wall, some friends are not used to, I like to make the beans and then play again. If you want to soak, you will remember to be soaked in the air-conditioned room or refrigerator, prevent summer high temperatures from soaking breeding bacteria.

3 Put the beans and buckwheat into the glass of the broken wall, add 1000 ml of water, and fasten the glass of the glass.

4 Place the glass into the base base, select the SoyBean Milk function, and then press the startup.

5 Waiting for twenty or 30 minutes, Soybean Milk is already finished, you can drink directly, delicate and slag.


When you play Soybean Milk, you can keep the weight of 40 grams of yellow beans unchanged, and 10 grams can be replaced with other ingredients, such as red beans, mung beans, peanuts, walnuts, sesame, etc., you can play all taste Soybean Milk, Very good and nutrition.