"Women have been 40 years old, want to be young, good health, breakfast, come to the red dates WolfberrySoybean Milk. Low fat nutrition qi blood, color is very young."


Need 6 red dates, Wolfberry, accessories, soybeans,


1200ml of water, sweet flavor, boiled process, HALF hours, ordinary difficulty,

Jujube WolfberrySoybean Milk practice steps

1 Prepare all ingredients.

2 red dates and soybeans are cleaned up in front of it.

3 red dates to cut into small pieces.

4wolfberry was cleaned with water.

5 Remove the Soybean Milk machine and put all the ingredients in and add 1200 ml of water.

6 Covered Covered Press the Valley Soybean Milk button.

After 730 minutes, a bowl of jujube is rich in Soybean Milk.

8 finished graph.


The taste of the jujube is very sweet, and it will not have to add sugar.