"With the acceleration of urban life, more and more people began to have white hair, and the age of white hair is getting smaller and less, and the Chinese medicine believes that the kidney is insufficient, will let us start to have white Hair, so I arrived in the season of winter, I need to kidney gas, and the best diet food is a black food. This is the best complement of kidney. Today, I recommend a black sesame walnut Soybean Milk, black beans and black sesame. It is very good black food, you can make calcium, you can make us more spiritual, younger. "


Significant black sesame 10 grams, 20 grams of black beans, 1 walnut, Siya seed mode, banana HALF root, accessories water 200 ml, sweet taste, other processes, TWO minutes, simple difficulty,

Practice for black sesame walnut black Soybean Milk

1 Prepare ingredients: Black sesame 10g, black beans 20g, banana HALF roots, walnuts, the appropriate amount of Chia seed, 200ml water.

2 cups poured into sesame.

3 Put the cut banana.

4 Add a broken walnut, add 200ml water, press the Soybean Milk key.

It is boiled 515 minutes.

6 bowls put in the right amount of Chia seeds.

7 Pour the boiled Soybean Milk into the bowl, then sprinkle the bizary seed.


This Soybean Milk is saving with bananas. You can replace it into honey or syrup, or you can don't put it.