"I received the Jiuyang broke down, I can't wait to do Soybean Milk. I think I will do it, and I do it. Soybean Milk is really convenient with the broken wall. The big brand of Jiuyang is even more convenient.I have to say that the mute is noisy, Soybean Milk, strong, alcohol, fragrance, more nutritious! "


Number of 90 grams of soybeans, 10 grams of millet millet, Glutinous Rice10 gram,


Pure water 1400 grams, original taste, other processes, time consumption, simple difficulty,

Papers of sinenoline Soybean Milk

1 bubble a night of soy, millet, glutinous rice, summer to put refrigerator, it is not easy to become, take it out from the refrigerator to clean a few times.

2 Put the ingredients into a Jiuyang broken wall and add 1400 ml of water to start the grain pulp.

3 Default 36 minutes.

4 side boiled to break the wall, you can do the Soybean Milk, which can be used for home static.

5SOYBEAN MILK can take the floating foam on the surface, and the sweetness is placed in the first five minutes before Soybean Milk.

6 finished chart.

7 finished chart.