Ingredients with a proper amount of soybeans, 即 即 食 燕,


Water is appropriate, original taste, other processes, three times when consumption, simple difficulty,

Oat Soybean Milk practice steps

1 Soybean soaked in advance.

2 Established oatly in a bowl.

3 Yellow beans are added in the case of the appliance.

4 Open the grain Soybean Milk mode, quiet and other delicious.

5 咚, the strong Soybean Milk is perfect, it is too fragrant.

6 Pour Soybean Milk into the oatmeal, soaked, the thick taste is better.

7 I can enjoy my low-fat meal.

8 taste is superb, you can try it.


Friends who like sweet mouth can add a little sugar!wish you a happy life!