"Autumn, the old pumpkin can be harvested, and the cool morning drinks warm Soybean Milk."


Main material pumpkin two block, accessories soybeans 20 grams, 800 ml water,


Sweet taste, other crafts, three quaternies, simple difficulties,

Pumpkin Soybean Milk practice steps

1 Processing pumpkins, beans weigh.

2 pumpkin peeled blocks.

3 Base the wall.

4 beans are awake and put in.

5 Add 800 ml of water.

6 Finally put the rock sugar.

7 Cut the wall, the function of Soybean Milk.

8 is heated while breaking the wall.

9 Go out to morning, the hot breath Soybean Milk is completed.

10 Take a cup and pour one amount.

11SOYBEAN MILK with blocks, simple breakfast is completed.


I like sweet food to add some sugar, of course, don't eat filling, don't put sugar, the pumpkin itself is special taste.