"The fragrant Soybean Milk is nutritious."


A little black beans, a little red beans, a little yellow beans, a few small rice,


Pure amount, original taste, other processes, one hour time, simple difficulty,

Soybean Milk, Black Beans, Soybean Milk

1 Preparation: Red Beans, Yellow Beans, Black Beans.

2 millet.

3 This is the ingredients for one night, and rinse a few times.

4 Place the ingredients into the broken wall and add an appropriate amount of pure water.

5 Start the grain pulp, the default is completed for 36 minutes.

6 ingredients are boiled while the wall is broken.

7SOYBEAN MILK has tapped the surface of the surface.

8 finished chart, a bowl of fragrant soybean milk.

9 finished graph.


Sweet is adding sugar 10 minutes before Soybean Milk.