"The fragrance is silky, sweet and sink, nutritious, with the breakfast stick ~"


Ingredients with appropriate amount of soybeans, millet, moderate amount of rice, accessories of rock sugar,


Pure water is appropriate, sweet taste, other processes, HALF hours, ordinary difficulty,

Joybean Soybean Milk practice steps

1 The ingredients are placed in the container to wash soaked overnight (put the refrigerator refrigerated).

2 Put the ingredients into the broken wall, add the right amount of pure water, cover the cover, press the nutrient pass.

3 time, adjust to the insulation key, add the right amount of rock sugar to melt.

4 It is good to see the fragrant Soybean Milk.

5 into a bowl.

6 finished chart.

7 With breakfast.


1, soy washing is soaked in advance!2, I wish you all a happy holiday!