"Summer everyone likes to drink ice coffee, while the practice of ice, the most well known is Italian flower Mocha coffee. Ice Italian Mocha Coffee, through 1/3 of Italian concentrated coffee with 2/3 milk Mix, then add the hair cream to the top, and sieve cocoa powder and cinnamon powder (topped with chocolate sauce), and add candied or sugar needles as an ornament. But this kind of practice is not suitable for me This kind of person drinking a large pot of people, because I eat so much cream and chocolate every day, I still can't die? So my family's Mocha is this kind of cooking after adding milk, add sugar, add ice, one It is a light taste, suitable for high-dose drinks, two is not so high, more suitable for summer. A lot of ice is added thereto, very ice, can both cool down, there is a role in the role of TWO. "


Main material Mocha coffee beans, accessories of dairy balls, ingredients, ice cubes, original taste, boiled process, three times when consumption, ordinary difficulty,

Scrimetic coffee practice steps

1 Mocha coffee beans a bag.

2 After grinding powder, a spoonful of HALF was taken with a special amount of coffee machine and poured into the filter.

3 Inject the moisture of a plum cup to the coffee pot, boiled a Half and then poured another Half water and cook (why do TWO is watering? This is the experience I drink all the year round, only coffee The taste is relatively light, so I have injected water TWO, after the first spread, don't change the coffee powder, add a water and then cook it, so that the coffee in this filter is cooked through the TWO channel, the taste has been cooked Out, so the taste is more strong).

4 Add a cooked coffee to the dairy ball and sugar, this is tasteful, like I like to add Two grains, three spoonful of sugar, because this is a very rich coffee, more cream and sugar After the next step in the next step, the taste will not become very thin.

5 Take the freezed ice from the refrigerator.

6 Put into the bottom of the container.