"Coffee is a good drink, which is also an indispensable drink when the work is relieved. Join Soybean Milk in coffee instead of milk, it is a healthy new fashion popular drinking method. Supreme Soybean Milk can alleviate fatigue supplement physical strength, give you a dayGood energy. "


Ingredients 50 grams, uncoatable coffee 3 small bag, excipient white sugar, sweet taste, boiled process, three times time, ordinary difficulty,

Coffee Soybean Milk practice steps

1 Prepare all the ingredients.

2 Yellow beans for 30 minutes with water.

3 bubble soy is placed in the Soybean Milk machine.

4 Add an appropriate amount of water.

5 Pour the instant coffee.

6 Cover the dump button.

7 Cook Soybean Milk is filtered.

8 Turn on the right amount of sugar to drink.


If the Soybean Milk is not dry with dry beans, the soybeans should be soaked for 3-5 hours.The amount of sugar can be free.