"I like to cook a pot of fragrant hot coffee in the afternoon, I am busy, my mood is exhausted, and taste is easy, enjoying leisure. The biggest feature of sinenhae coffee is a pure, although not like hands. The coffee is rich in taste, but it is a very personal coffee that can be perfectly played in one or several flavors. "


Main material coffee beans moderate, pure water mode, other taste, other processes, TWO minutes, ordinary difficulty,

Snap pot boiled coffee practice steps

1 Prepare coffee beans, coffee mill and sink.

2 grinding coffee beans. This method is preferably a neat or medium partial fineness.

3 Alcohol into the alcohol lamp.

4 sink pot is cleaned. The filter is fixed in the middle of the upper pot.

5 Pour the boiled pure water into the lower pot. Generally, a cup of coffee is around 120cc, and each additional a cup can increase the same water.

6 ignite lights. Place the lower pot to start heating.

7 Place the grinding coffee powder above the filter, shaking a uniform distribution.

8. After the water of the lower pot is boil, the upper pot is inserted into the interface. The water of the lower pot will rise to the upper pot.

9 When the water is no longer rising, the first stirring is made with bamboo. The second stirring was carried out for the first time. At this point, the alcohol light is moved to the side of the lower pot.

10 After the second mixing is stirred, the alcohol lamp can be removed from the lower pot from the lower pot. At this time, the temperature of the lower pot is lowered, close to the vacuum, so that the coffee in the upper pot is inhaled.

11 After all flow into the lower pot, remove the upper pot.

12 poured into the hot coffee cup.

13 If you like sweet, you can add sugar. Add a fresh cream who likes milk.

14 a glass of delicious fragrant flavor is done.


Attention When stirring, pay attention to the bamboo slice should not be scraped on the filter network below to avoid damage. Stir 5 or so, so that the coffee powder is fully infiltrated in the water.