"Because of the reason, the coffee beans and coffee powder in my family are more. Usually, it is very" ", and I don't pay attention to it. Now I have participated in the event, it is incorrect. The principle of people, I am also scral discriminative. It is because of the participation of the event, let me have a lot of coffee. Today, it is latte. I found it to know the latte and Mocha. Different points. The ingredients of Tieco coffee are one-third of the concentrated coffee plus two-thirds of fresh milk. Therefore, this is also a latte, there is no syrup at home, I use melt. Chocolate is coming, the taste is really good, friends can try it. "


30 grams of coffee powder, 0.5L of filtration water, 8 grams of chocolate sauce, 200 grams of milk, other tastes, boiled processes, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Practice for chocolate latte

1 Preparation of ready-made coffee powder, pure milk, sugar.

2 Add water in the health pot.

3 Add the coffee powder, select the coffee mode to cook to coffee.

4 Add pure milk to warmth. The temperature of the micro-strand can be.

5 With a coffee filter, the boiled coffee will be filtered.

6 Hit warm milk to foam.

7 cups of melted chocolate at the bottom of the cup.

8 Add your good milk.

9 is in the middle position, add the filtered coffee. Natural layers are shown in the figure.


If you don't make a changing machine, then we will play the iron, the taste is also excellent.