"I don't know how many portraits, I have a baby. I have a baby. Recently, I have been in love with coffee. Although there is no milk machine, it is always there, so I will add sugar after the milk. As long as it is three meals to eat and drink milk, it will always be fat. I don't know why, it may be particularly easy to absorb the milk. If you use Soybean Milk, how can I use the Soybean Milk? I found that the original Soybean Milk coffee is actually Slimming drinks. Soybean Milk low calories, contains dietary fibers, full of fullness, detoxification and beauty. Soybean milk fat is also called plant sterol, it is a relative of cholesterol, it can give extra cholesterol in the body. Take away. The caffeine contained in coffee has the effect of weight loss. After absorbing the body, the body has secreted adrenaline in the body, and the substance can promote the decomposition movement of fat cells in the blood, and then as fatty acids are discharged So, Soybean Milk add coffee, let you lose weight easily ... "


INDUSTRY SOYBEAN MILK50G, coffee powder 15g, hot water 160g, excipient fine sugar amount, sweet taste, other process, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Soybean Milk coffee practice steps

1 Use boiling water to make the coffee used for the coffee, warm up.

2 Place an ear bag on a cup.

3 Put the coffee powder, pour 30 g from about 92 degree hot water, stand for about 30 seconds.

4 Continue to pour the hot water to pour it in the way in the central painting ring.

5 Wait for dripping coffee, start the hot water from the first step to the final drop filter to complete the timing for 3 minutes.

6 drops were completed and the hangup bag was removed.

7 Put fine sugar and stir well.

8 After filtering Soybean Milk, pour it into, stir well.


1. After preparing the material, you will sharing a cup with the cup in advance, flush with hot water, and use it after the water is used, which is beneficial to preserve the aroma of coffee. 2. Playing sugar amount is adjusted according to personal taste.