"The kind of stuff before the rain is really unsearous. I want to sleep and sleep too much. I got up and give myself a piece of ice iron, let myself refresh the brain. Little play for a while coffee,For its taste, you have a slight grasp of your own taste. On the side, you will learn the taste of yourself and your family's favorite. "


30 grams of main material coffee powder, the amount of water filtration, the amount of milk, the original taste, boiled process, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Ice latte practice steps

1 Write the coffee beans into a powder in the tea bag.

2 After the mouth, enter the health pot, and add water.

3 Select the coffee pattern.

4 After cooking, don't poult it, let the soy flour will continue to be suminated.

5 Pour out the cool coffee and add a cold ice.

6 Punch the heated milk well.

7 Plus the laying milk to the ice capping to be ice latte.


You can add a little syrup or chocolate sauce.