"Summer high temperature is difficult to make us in the afternoon tea time with ice coffee, a feverful summer, a cool summer, this ice coffee makes a technique, very simple morning, cooked coffee, pour it into the ice rubber refrigerated into ice cubes In the afternoon, take out the milk according to the personal preference, it is a cup of ice coffee. "


Main material coffee beans, accessories milk moderate, syrup mode, bitter taste, frozen process, hourly time, simple difficulty,

Black crystal ice coffee practice steps

1 First pick coffee beans with a grinding machine into a coffee, such as sugar, thick coffee

2 Pour the abrasive coffee powder into the filtration cup, add water with the handker and open water on the coffee powder. End of extraction, put coffee cool

3 Prepare the ice. Any model

4 Coffee liquid poured into the ice cleans, put the refrigerator freeze

5 remove the frozen coffee

6 Put into the glass, add ice milk and syrup according to the taste (if you add solid sugar or sugar powder, it will be difficult to dissolve)

7 cool and rich ice coffee is completed ~~


Coffee is made into ice cubes, so as not to melt the coffee in the ice, it is best to use the amount of milk and sugar in the milk.