"Royal coffee is said to be a generation of heroes, French Emperor Napoleon's favorite coffee," Royal "is a famous royal coffee, also known as flame coffee this is a fancy coffee, suitable for night drinking it has noble and romantic feelings very fascinating When I was on the table, I went down on the white gum and then some fire is gorgeous and elegant.


Main body hand-fired coffee 160 ㏄, rum 15 ㏄, accessories, other tastes, skills, HALF hours, simple difficulty,

Royal coffee practice steps

1 Wrap the coffee beans first into a coffee

2 Pour the abrasive coffee powder into the filter cup, add water with the handker and open the water on the coffee powder, and the extraction is completed.

3 hand-fired coffee poured into the coffee cup. Add a piece of candy in the royal coffee spoons, put on the coffee cup

4 Pour the rum into the royal coffee spoon, and take the fire, let the burning rum dissolve the Furnish sugar in the royal coffee spoons, and slowly drop slowly to the coffee.

5 Blue Flame Dance From the Aragor of the Rum and the focal fragrance of the Furnishings, together with the thick coffee fragrance, bitterly with sweetness, let you experience a foreign romantic. . .


Coffee with wine: brandy, rum, whiskey can