"Fortunately, I won the Dong Ringyi coffee machine, I am so happy, thank you for gain food world, thank the manufacturer to provide trial. Coffee, my family is often drinking, but the coffee machine is still used first, after receiving this morning, I can't wait a study Let's take it, it is very easy to use, it is very convenient, first come to pull coffee, taste the pure rice coffee .. "


1 spoonful of coffee, excipient white sugar, appropriate amount of chocolate sauce, other tastes, other processes, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Pulling coffee practice steps

1 Received coffee machine can't wait to open, it is the real coffee machine packaging.

2 Look at the packaging of the coffee machine very fashionable.

3 Open the packaging, reflecting the eyes of the warranty card and instruction manual, the first time I use this manual, but I have helped it.

4 Take out the stylish coffee machine, the active parts are well-matched with the tapesture, including 2 filter and filters.

5 Prepare coffee and filters.

6 Turned the filter left, this is a capsule coffee, I use a grindable coffee powder, so I don't need it.

7 Place a big bit into the filter.

8 Taskets specialized with coffee machine, 1 quantity.

9 Put into the filter. Patch.

10 is fixed to the coffee machine, fasten, add pure water in the coffee machine, turn on the switch, and the coffee will come out, be sure to close it in time.

11 Take the coffee cup and squeeze the chocolate sauce.

12 Use the teeth sign to play a few more ways.

13 a cup of pure Italian pulling coffee is completed.

14 In the warm afternoon, how beautiful is it to come to a beautiful coffee.

15 With a coffee machine is really too simple.


1. Be sure to add pure water in the water tank, which will not have scale, and affect the purity of coffee. 2, the initial use must see the instruction manual and install the filter in place. 3, after the coffee machine is closed, you must wait for coffee to drop and take out the cup, or it will flow into the water supply box.