"Coffee milk drops only drunk in the coffee shop, I really didn't try myself to do at home, and I have done Dong Ringyi coffee machine, although there is no professional pull master to do well, but for the first I am already very satisfied with me. "


1 spoon of coffee, 100 grams of milk, excitement, other tastes, other crafts, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Milk Pulling Coffee Practice Steps

1 Open the express delivery of the Dongling coffee machine and see the original packaging of Dong Ringyi coffee machine.

2 Take the Dong Ringyi coffee machine, the overall atmosphere is stylish, and it is very high in the home, and does not occupy the place.

3 To clean the parts of the coffee machine, turn the filter left to the part.

4 Announced large filters to the filter.

5 Take a spoonful of mouse coffee.

6 Make it into the filter.

7 buckle into the coffee machine, put the water box on pure water and turn on the power.

8 Open the switch, and the coffee is coming out.

9 Close up of coffee.

10 Take a good coffee.

11 Pour the milk into the cup.

12 Find a suitable cup, screw the milk bubble tube to one side, press the green light of the switch, put the milk bubble tube into the cup, the milk is good, very fast.

13 Pour the milk into the coffee, and have a flower in the shape of a flower with a teeth.

14 When drinking, you can add some square sugar. You can make it in Dong Ringyi coffee machine.

15 Like a quiet person, read a favorite book, quietly take a cup of coffee in your hand, or quietly listen to a beautiful music, taste the bitterness and sweetness in the coffee.


1. It is best to put the milk to put the milk into the refrigerator for some time, so that the milk is easy to send. 2, the coffee powder is preferably grinded with coffee beans, so there is no precipitate in the coffee.