"I am caffe, at least a cup of coffee every day. Hobbies are also derived from coffee, do desserts for coffee; in turn, it is sometimes used as a baking raw material to do Desserts; coffee, desserts is related to each other, with each other. This time I was fortunate to participate in the Trial of Dongling DL-JDCM01-based coffee machine, so I can play a hundred calendar coffee. I sincerely thank you for the world ~! Thank you Dongling Electric ~! This style of coffee machine is fashionable The panel is simple and clear, and the novice can also operate freely. Coffee powder, Yi Qi bag, capsule three combination operation experience, 15 bar's high pressure extraction, make people feel easy to enjoy the zone of the zone at home ~~ Today is a coffee machine Open a light, first make a large hot drink in a coffee shop: Caramel Macchiato "Caramel Macchiato"


Significant coffee beans 14 grams, caramel sauce30 grams, milk 200ml, decorative caramel sauce, sweet flavor, skill technology, HALF hours, ordinary difficulty,

Caramel Mackey's Practical Procedure

1 Use the instructions in the instructions for the first time, clean and maintenance of the coffee machine.

2 Prepare raw materials, pour the milk into the pulling cup and refrigerate, say good coffee beans

3 Coffee beans

4 Push the cup on the warm cup dish on the top of the coffee machine, start the coffee machine for preheating

5 Pack the polished coffee powder into the funnel filtration cup, the coffee powder is flat, and the excess coffee powder can be scraped directly.

6 Squeeze the coffee powder down vertically

7 Take the funnel in the labeling of the coffee machine; take the warm cup to the cup from the warm cup, put on the water drill, align the hoof

8 start extracting coffee

9 extraction. Extraction of coffee can determine whether the extraction is perfect by the oil layer. The perfect concentrated coffee will have a relatively thick gold oil foam, Crema, the oil is viscous, the taste is rich, not bitter

10 Remove the refrigerated milk from the refrigerator, start to send milk

11 Put the steam head before the hair of the milk, then make some residual water and fetch

12 caramel sauce is heated after heating, pour into the coffee cup. Stir until caramel sauce is completely melted

13 Add a milk to the coffee, the milk is floating on the surface of the coffee. Draw the pattern with caramel sauce on the milk

14 a cup with a rich coffee flavor, between the caramelia, plus milk foam soft and mouth sensation delicious coffee is completed ~!