Cabuchenino is on a crucial coffee, poured into steam foamed milk, at this time, the color of the coffee is as shown in the color of the dark brown robe wearing the monk, and the pointed milk above the coffee is Like the hood on the meadow, I use the monk's clothing name Cappuccino to name. Traditional cappucino from a third of the concentrated coffee, one-third of milk, one-third The bubble is combined, the proportion is equal. A cup of pure cappuccino, there is a fascinating charm, the initial feeling is the fragrance of coffee, the first mouth is tasted is a soft milk, soft and fragrant And in depth, it is a bitter essence. In the end, it is the endless fragrance and the aftertaste, and it is also a warm, like life, bitter and warm. "


Animated coffee beans, a box of milk, an accessories, other tastes, seasoning processes, ten minutes, ordinary difficulty,

Traditional cappuccino practice steps

1 I am very honored to receive the trial of Dong Ringyi coffee machine, the weather is very cold, I will mention God at home for afternoon tea or tiredness, there is a home coffee machine, it is convenient, Dongling DL-JDCM01 this machine is three In a conventive coffee machine, you can use coffee powder, easy bag, coffee capsule to meet the fun of users, and experience different coffee.

2 This coffee machine is exquisite and smart, and it will not be very wasting at home. The fuselage uses the brushed stainless steel, simple and elegant, the top has intimately designed stainless steel hot cupboard, so that the coffee is inserted into the cup. Temperature, the operation panel is simple and clear, even if no newcomers can easily operate.

3 When the new machine is used, it is necessary to wash the high-voltage funnel and filter components to clean with water, then wipe clean water with a kitchen paper towel, and the coffee capsule assembly is only gently rotated, and you can take it from the high pressure funnel. Each part is complicated fully clean.

4 Water tanks in the back of the machine, it can be removed, 1.5 liter-large capacity tank, one-time storage, no need to operate, wash the water tank, put pure water, good coffee requires good water, so try not to use Ordinary water, one sense affecting the taste of the coffee, two to easily produce scale, affecting health.

5 Gently snap the tank into the card slot, it is installed, it is very simple.

6 Coffee beans are grinded in advance, without sharpening equipment, it can make the merchant instead of grinding when purchasing coffee beans.

7 I use coffee powder to boil coffee, so we choose coffee powder filtered installation, etc.

8 Put the machine power supply, press the key, to be preheated to become green, you can start.

9 Wait until the coffee is put into the filter powder net.

The other end of 10 dosing spoon is pressed against coffee powder.

11 Press to a normal state.

12 Load the handle into the card slot, gently rotate, twist to the locked position, start to start.

13 Place the warm coffee cup under the filter, to the left to the left, point to the location of the coffee, the machine can automatically extract the coffee.

14 Take one-third of the cup to stop, press the on-right milk function key, to be indicated by the indicator, put the floral mug with whole fat milk into the steam tube, the switch twists to the milk position, You can do the milk to send a lot of milk in the sound of fencing.

15 The nozzle of the milk is wiped in time.

16 Pour the three-thirds of the milk into the concentrated coffee, sway the cup while then covering a third of the milk. A cup of pure traditional cappuccino is completed.

17 finished product

18 finished products