"Dark brown coat over a headscarf, this is a description of Cabuccino coffee, the color and appearance of coffee is like the dress of the monk of Cabuccino church, special coffee with lubricated milk mixed Together, there is a unique charm that is unable to resist. Smell is a strong fragrance of coffee, but it is the sweetness and softness of the milk, which is the bitterness and richness of coffee. Endless. I am very happy to try Dong Ringyi coffee machine, thank you for the food world! Thank you Dongling appliance! I can make coffee in my home! "


INDUSTROM 10 grams of coffee powder, 100 grams of milk, 5 grams of yellow sugar, the amount of pure water of the accessories, other tastes, squeezing, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Classic Kabuccino practice steps

1 Silver appearance Dong Ringguan coffee machine, very beautiful, have a lot of color in the kitchen?

2 This is a warm cup dish on top of a coffee machine

3 Operation panel is clear and simple

4 equipped with capsule filter assemblies, measurement, easy bag filter assembly

5 movable cup mat and water drill

6 high pressure funnel

7 Prepare the coffee powder, yellow sugar, and refrigerated milk

8 Push the coffee powder into the coffee powder filter, and press the coffee powder and flat.

9 Follow the funnel into the card in the logo machine, rotate to tighten

10 Water tank Add the appropriate amount of pure water, turn on the machine, and put the coffee cup on the warm cup plate on the cup

11 Preheating coffee cup is taken from the warm cup, put on the water drum, pay attention to the outlet of the funnel, buttons to go out of coffee, for a while, the coffee will flow into the cup, high pressure extraction , Smooth coffee liquid

12 Put the milk into the vendor, put the steam tube into the milk, turn the knob to the vapor position, rotate the milk cup from top to bottom, so that the milk is fully fooled

13 Pour the milk into the coffee, cappuccino is completed, add sugar according to personal taste


Tips: 1 Use a slightly thick 4, pay attention to the milk pot, because the milk will increase to 2 times after foaming