"Add egg yolk in the coffee, you don't have to worry about it. This cup of egg cafe is simple. It does not need to use eggbeater alone to send eggs, but directly add egg yolk to milk to make egg milk , Then use the coffee machine's steam to make the digest function, put the egg milk, delicate milk, more convenient to operate. You can add Ram or Baili or other wine in coffee, of course, I like me, because I can't drink, I will omit the wine directly. This time I use the coffee machine, it is Dong Ringyi coffee machine. Not only can you make a fragrant coffee, but also have a milk function, let you not You can enjoy delicious coffee through DIY. "


Animated coffee powder 1 tablespoon, 150 ml of milk, 1 egg yolk, the right amount of cinnamon powder, other tastes, other processes, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Milk coffee practice steps

1 Prepare for work first. Coffee beans, whole fat ice milk, sugar, egg, cinnamon powder.

2 Put the protein, egg yolk, egg yolk, with egg yolk.

3 Pour the Iced milk into the egg yolk, every pour, mix well, don't leave the egg yolk, until all milk is mixed with egg yolk, pour into the pull chaalllore, continue Refrigerate refrigeration.

4 First check the water volume of the water tank, do not exceed the highest and lowest water line.

5 Write the coffee beans into powder, and the powder of the coffee is grinded. After taking the dosing, place it in the filter.

6 Diatures of the other end vertically down the coffee down, do not press too tight. Do not exceed the maximum scale of the filter.

7 Install the filter in the direction of instructions and lock.

8 Press the right tightener and select Coffee.

9 Turning the green light, turn left to the left to the coffee. The coffee machine can automatically extract coffee.

10 Turn the knob to the right and select the milk function.

11 will put in advance in front of the refrigerator, tangible egg yolk milk, play a rich and delicate milk.

12 Take the circle into the cup to pour your milk, let the egg milk and coffee mix evenly

13 until the full cup, the cup is floated with a thick layer of delicate foam, sprinkle with cinnamon powder.

14 I took a photo from the kitchen to the balcony, the cup was too full, sprinkled, and sprinkled in the process of tossing. Haha.

15 must remember, drink hot!