"After repeated R & D and cup test, it is best to baking the Arabica high-defined coffee beans. Select the AA-level 16 megaphysome as fine ground grinding, and the Japanese import filter bag has achieved the most cure in autumn and winter. Milk is hung coffee, rich silk, mouth nourishing ... "


Main material milk 250ml, excipient taste, other crafts, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Milk puzzle practice steps

1 Prepare the materials needed;

2 All fat milk or all fat milk tastes will be better, milk is about 180ml.

3 Put the glass filled with milk into the microwave, medium and high heat for 3 minutes, be careful not to boil the milk.

4 Torn milk production hanging ear coffee outlet, remove the hanging ear bag, and tear the hanging ear coffee along the broken line.

5 Pull the mount of the coffee filter bag, steady hung on the coffee cup, make sure the filter bag is in the middle of the mouth.

6 One hand fixed one of them, and another hand gently discharged the ear bag, so that milk evenly packed the coffee powder in the ear ear.

7 Put the ear back on the coffee cup, stand for about 2 minutes and 30 seconds, and will be drunk with the ear bag.

8 Busy and cold autumn and winter morning, I love myself in three minutes to open each day full of energy.

9 drink!


1. If the milk fat content is higher, it will form a milk skin on the surface. After removing the milk with a spoon or stir melting, then the hanging ear filter bag is hanging into the milk; 2. Gently put and shake it up and down can make Milk completely infiltrates the coffee powder in the filtration bag to avoid the coffee powder cake, causing extraction uneven; Accelerate fat decomposition, improve body vitality, rich milk, can improve people's sleep, milk collar, not only fragrant beauty, but also nourish cold and dry autumn and winter.